Pre-College Course for Non-student Visas


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Course Outline

* Course intended for individuals who aim to enter university, college or technical school in Japan, or seek employment in Japan. Students in this program will study Japanese with international students under the same curriculum.

Students will attend recruitment fairs held by universities, colleges, and technical schools, as well as job recruitment fairs. Students may attend university, college and technical school preparatory classes for certain subjects if they desire. (Students intending to enter high school in Japan will receive Japanese language instruction as well as admission interview counseling. However, guardians should contact high schools directly for application procedures.) Academic consultation and career counseling are conducted individually.
Curriculum includes participation in activities, such as daily life orientation seminars, traffic safety seminars and school field trips, which are intended to acclimate students to life in Japan.
<Applicable students>
Individuals residing or visiting Japan on non-international student visas. Visa categories include: permanent resident, long-term resident, spouse or child of Japanese national or permanent resident. 

Applicable Students
Individuals residing or visiting Japan on non-international student visas. Visa categories include: permanent resident, long-term resident, spouse or child of Japanese national or permanent resident.
・Individuals intending to enter university, college or technical school in Japan or seek employment in Japan.
・Individuals planning to study Japanese for 6 months or more. 
*Class level students study at first is decided by our placement test
Permanent resident, long-term resident, spouse or child of Japanese national or permanent resident
Beginning Period
April, October
Course Duration
Class hours
Monday~Friday  20hours/week *1year-40week
-Morning Classes (intermediate-advanced)
9:00 - 12:35 (45min x 4 classes)
-Afternoon Classes(beginner-intermediate)
13:15 - 16:50 (45min x 4 classes)
Curriculum Outline
-Comprehensive Japanese
-Preparation for the JLPT
-Preparation for the EJU (optional)

  • Carefully outlined classes tailored to student's level
  • Strategies for obtaining a high score on the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
  • One-on-one advice and career consultation with homeroom teachers and specialized staff.


6month Registration Fee ¥20,000
Tuition(6 month) ¥315,000
Study Material Fee(6 month) ¥25,000
 Facilities and equipment costs ¥30,000
Alumni Association Fee ¥1,000



* Students get  a health check-up.(once a year)Health check-up fee is not included in the tuition fee and is approximately 4,400 yen.
* Fees for school activities are included.


Course Hours and the Level You Can Reach



University admission results

Graduate schools

Hitotsubashi University, Yokohama Natinal University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University,Okayama University,Hiroshima University,Okayama Prefectural University,

Hokkaido University,Saitama University,Wakayama University,Shimane University,
Kansai University, Dokkyo University, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology,


National universities

Hitotsubashi Univerisity, Osaka Univerisity, Tsukuba University, Kobe University, Shinshu University, Kyusyu University, Nara Women's University, Okayama University, Hiroshima University, Akita University, Nigata University, Yamanashi University, Ibaraki University, Chiba University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Tottori University, Kagawa University, Ehime University, Kochi University, Miyazaki University, Kumamoto University, Nagasaki University, Saga University, Kyusyu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Women's University, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, The University of Shiga Prefecture 

Private universities
Kansai University, Kwansai Gakuin University,Ritsumeikan University,Doshisha University,Kindai University,Okayama University of Science, Okayama Shoka University,Sanyo Gakuen University,Shujitsu University,Kokushikan University, Nihon University, Japan University of Economics,Meijo University, Suzuka University, Yokkaichi University, Osaka Seikei University,Osaka Sangyo University,
Osaka University of Tourism,Kyoto Notre Dame University, Kyoto Sangyo University,Ryukoku University,Kobe University of Welfare,Tezukayama University,Kobe International University,Hiroshima University of Economics
Takushoku University Hokkaido College, Shikoku University Junior College, Higashi Osaka Junior College, Chugoku Junior College, Nakanihon Automotive College
Technical Colleges
Tokyo IT Kaikei Horitsu College Omiya School/Yokohaya School, EHLE Institute,Sundai Travel and Hotel College, Iwatani school techno business Yokohama Nursery School Iwatani College of Business & IT School, Nakano School of Business, Tokyo International Business College,Shurin College of Foreign Language, Chuo College of Technology, 
ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages, Nihon Riko Joho College, Orion IT Business College, Aicoh School of Liberal Arts,  Ohara Travel and Bridal Beauty College, Osaka Academy of Entertainment Design, Anabuki Technical College, Anabuki Business College, Rehabilitation College Shimane, OKAYAMA KAGISEN, Okayama Business College, Okayama Information College