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Okayama Institute of Languages
2-10 Funabashi-cyo, Kita-ku Okayama, 700-0841 Japan
TEL: 81-(0)86-231-5211
FAX: 81-(0)86-225-4020
MAIL: info@okg-jp.com

→About a 10 minute cab ride from JR Okayama Station.
→About a 15 minute ride on trolley from JR Okayama Station. Take a trolley bound for Seikibashi at Platform #2, and get off at Higashi-Cyuocho Station, then walk about 5 minutes.
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Features of Okayama

≫An Ideal Environment for Study

Compared to Tokyo, Okayama’s cost of living is lower, and is a comfortable place to live. Living in Okayama is convenient because you can get around the city by bicycle, which means there are no transportation costs. The people are warm and friendly and it is a pleasant place to live and to practice your language skills. Not too big, and not too small – Okayama is just the right size and the ideal place to study.

≫The Land of Sunshine

Okayama is a safe city with a great climate. Okayama is known as the “Land of Sunshine” – the weather is sunny and there are few natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes.

≫Easy to Access

Okayama Airport has scheduled international
flights between Beijing, Shanghai, Dailan,
Seoul and Guam, and is conveniently
located about 30 minutes by car from
the city center. Traveling inside of Japan is
also easy with the super express
Shinkansen and highway buses.
Local train and bus service is also
prevalent throughout the country.

Features of School

≫An International Student Body

Our students are from around 10 different countries, mainly from Asia. It will be a great opportunity to communicate with each other in Japanese and to immerse yourself in a multicultural environment.

≫Convenient Location

Okayama Institute of Languages is conveniently located in the center of the city, close to convenience stores, department stores, grocery stores, hospitals and post offices. Most students live in dormitories or apartments that are just 10 to 15 minutes from school by bike.

≫A Dedicated and Supportive Staff

We have English, Chinese and Korean speaking staff to assist students. We support you from your arrival to graduation. On the first day in Japan, we help you register with the local municipal government, open a bank account, purchase a bicycle, etc. Throughout your stay in Japan, we address your concerns with care and professionalism, and provide whatever assistance you might need, from health-related issues to a part-time job search.

≫Support for Your Higher Education Goals in Japan

Okayama Institute of Languages will be your backbone in making your dreams come true. In addition to teaching their regular classes, teachers at Okayama Institute of Languages provide university guidance, individual counseling, interview practice, math and science preparatory classes for the “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students”.

≫Support for Your Studies and Student Life

Class teachers are available to give advice on the progress of your studies, and any problems in that may arise in your daily life.

≫Support System in Case of Emergency

In the unfortunate event you become ill or involved in an accident, you will be supported. If you do not understand Japanese well, you will be accompanied to the hospital by one of our staff. As a student of Okayama Institute of Languages, typically, your hospital costs will be covered by Japan’s National Health Insurance and the general insurance of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.

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