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Okayama Institute of Languages
2-10 Funabashi-cyo, Kita-ku Okayama, 700-0841 Japan
TEL: 81-(0)86-231-5211
FAX: 81-(0)86-225-4020
MAIL: info@okg-jp.com

→About a 10 minute cab ride from JR Okayama Station.
→About a 15 minute ride on trolley from JR Okayama Station. Take a trolley bound for Seikibashi at Platform #2, and get off at Higashi-Cyuocho Station, then walk about 5 minutes.
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What's Up

Support for Your Daily Life

  • English, Chinese and Korean speaking staff assist you from your arrival to graduation.
  • Our bilingual staff are available to address any and all of your concerns and health related issues.
  • Okayama Language Institute has furnished apartment rooms for students for the first six months from entry into the program.
  • Our staff provides moving assistance from the furnished apartment rooms.
  • We offer home visitation by staff and faculty for practical consultation
  • We offer special guidance about traffic regulations in Japan.
  • Okayama Institute of Languages rewards students with its own Honors Scholarships and Special Awards for hard work and perfect attendance.
  • There are personal computers for students to use, which allows students to communicate with their families back home via internet.
  • There are fun opportunities for you to practice Japanese through meeting Japanese teacher candidates and home-stay family volunteers, and by joining local festivals and events.
  • Our staff refers you to part-time job openings and provides practice for job interviews.
  • A professional school counselor is available for mental health services.
  • Typically, hospital costs incurred by our students will be covered by the National Health Insurance of Japan, and the general insurance of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.


  • Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
    \48,000/ month × 12 months (8 recipients in 2010)

  • LSH Asia Scholars Association Scholarship
    \100,000/ year  (1 recipient in 2010)

  • Okayama Institute of Languages Honors Scholarship
    \30,000 (one selection every three months) (7-15 recipients)

  • Okayama Institute of Languages Special Award
    \5,000 (one selection every three months) (13-25 recipients)

  • Special Awards for Perfect Attendance

Furnished Apartment Rooms

Furnished apartment rooms are available for students for the first six months of the program. Many select this option as a great initial foundation in Japan, as they gain Japanese skills, and especially in preparation for transitioning into living in Japan.
Kitchen, toilet, bathroom
Air-conditioner, TV, desk(s), chair(s), bed(s), clothing case, cabinet, washing machine, cooking stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, rice cooker, cooking utensils, tableware, vacuum cleaner, bedding (futon, comforter, blanket, pillow and sheets)
Type of Rooms
Single or Double
10 to 15 minutes from School by bike
Rental Rate
\ 167,000 or more/ per person for six months/ including security deposit.

※Actual utility cost are paid separately.

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