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Okayama Institute of Languages
2-10 Funabashi-cyo, Kita-ku Okayama, 700-0841 Japan
TEL: 81-(0)86-231-5211
FAX: 81-(0)86-225-4020
MAIL: info@okg-jp.com

→About a 10 minute cab ride from JR Okayama Station.
→About a 15 minute ride on trolley from JR Okayama Station. Take a trolley bound for Seikibashi at Platform #2, and get off at Higashi-Cyuocho Station, then walk about 5 minutes.
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Requirement (Long Term)

The applicant must:
Have completed, or be about to complete, 12 or more years of compulsory education at the time of application.
Be 18 years or older, or under 30 years, or within 5 years since last graduation at the time of admission.
Apply for admission for the first time. (Applicants who have previously applied to other language schools and have not been granted a Certificate of Eligibility will not be accepted.)
①Have Japanese language ability equivalent to Level 4 (or N5) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or
②Have studied Japanese for at least 150 hours at junior high school, high school, vocational school or university.
Apply through the local agencies assigned by Okayama Institute of Languages, or have a reliable guarantor living in Japan.
Have not previously entered Japan with an “Entertainer” residence status.
Have not repeatedly entered or left Japan during a year with “Temporary Visa” status.
Have resided outside Japan for more than one year after a training period, if you have lived in Japan with a “Trainee” or “Designated Activities” residence status. Additionally, you must have used the trained expertise in your country after your return.
Be eligible for expected legal permission to enter Japan.

Admission Fees

Six months
1 year
1.5 year
2 year
Registration Fee
Tuition Fee
Text Books
Alumni Fee
※Besides the above fees, there will be National Health Insurance fee, Japanese Language School Student Accident Compensation System fee, medical check-ups fee, and so on.
※Admission Fees is to be paid for one year in principle.

How to apply and selected

If you have a guarantor living in JapanPlease apply directly to Okayama Institute of Languages.
(There may be a case that we ask you to use one of the local agencies assigned by Okayama Institute of Languages.)

If you do not have a guarantor living in Japanlease use one of the local agencies assigned by
Okayama Institute of Languages  (Contact us to learn more about these agencies.)

Interview (in China and Vietnam) or interview via web.
Examination: Japanese test, General Subjects test such as Math and English, and an Essay
Required Document: Application Form  (PDF A002)

Selection by Documents
Examination: Ability to pay admission fees, candidates’ education and work history
Required Document: Application Form (PDF A003)

For successful candidates, Okayama Institute of Languages will apply for Certificate of
Eligibility for Resident Status to Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan.

Please see “Recruitment” for more details

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