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Okayama Institute of Languages
2-10 Funabashi-cyo, Kita-ku Okayama, 700-0841 Japan
TEL: 81-(0)86-231-5211
FAX: 81-(0)86-225-4020
MAIL: info@okg-jp.com

→About a 10 minute cab ride from JR Okayama Station.
→About a 15 minute ride on trolley from JR Okayama Station. Take a trolley bound for Seikibashi at Platform #2, and get off at Higashi-Cyuocho Station, then walk about 5 minutes.
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Student’s Voices

■ Le Cao Quoc Hung

(Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Graduated in 2008 (Graduate Student at Shizuoka Prefectural University)


I have a lot of good memories although I studied at Okayama Institute of Languages only for a year.  I enjoyed studying Japanese there.  The teachers were nice, the staff were kind, and my friends were a lot fun.  I wished I could have stay there forever and ever!

■ Fedyanina Polina

(Moscow, Russia)

Graduated in 2008 (Graduate Student at Hitotsubashi University)


I am grateful to the teachers at Okayama Institute of Languages, who encouraged and supported me through the difficult time when I had problems with my studies and could not decide on the next step of my higher education.  Without their warm encouragement, I would not have been able to find the path I am now on.  I recall now it was a truly happy time there.

■ Xu Rui

(Henan, China)

Graduated in 2005 (Student at Okayama University, Department of Science)


With the Japanese language skills I acquired at Okayama Institute of Languages, I am in the middle of pursuing my dreams.  I am sure everyone out there has his or her own dream.  From the beginning of time, dreams have fueled the advancement of humankind.  Keep your dream, work hard, and every opportunity will come to you.

■ Ha Ji Hong

(Gyeong sangnam-do, Korea)

Graduated in 1994 (University Lecturer)


I currently work as a Korean lecturer at a university, and a translator/interpreter after studying Japanese at Okayama Institute of Languages.  The teachers at Okayama Institute of Languages are very kind and guide students heartily.  Even after graduation, they still give me advice and regard me kindly.

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