Speech Contest 2018 Result


The 6th Speech Contest was held in late Jan, 2018. 14 students from 7 countries made a speech in front of audience. The venue was full of the enthusiasm of the performers and cheering students. Speeches were so impressive and they showed how hard they've been practicing. We uploaded top 4 speeches on youtube.

Speech & Interview movies

1st Place Winner Mr.Haque Md Rashedul from Bangladesh
Title「What I was surprised about when I came to Japan


2nd Place Winner Mr.Dede Suryana
Title「Success does not come down from the sky」


3rd Place Mr.Muhammad Hafiz Al Fathoni from Indonesia
Title「I was a hermit in Indonesia. Why I am in Japan?

Special Award Henegama Liyanage Sathira Chamod from Sri Lanka
Title 「4 Seasons in Japan」         

 Speaker and Title

1.Joung Kwanhee(Korea) 
2.Stefanus Jhonantan Michelle (Indonesia)
「How health is most important for our brighter future.」
3.BK Chandra Bahadur(Nepal) 
4.Peng Jiyao (China) 
「Youthful days & Dream」
5.Doan Minh Quang(Vietnam) 
「What's most important in our life」
6.Nguyen Thi Mai (Vietnam)
「What I was surprised about when I came to Japan」
7.Henegama Liyanage Sathira Chamod(Sri Lanka) 
「4 seasons in Japan」


8.Haque Md Rashedul (Bangladesh) 
「What I was surprised about when I came to Japan」
9.Ren Weimin(China) 
「What I want to tell you 」
10.Novayanti Apriana Sitanggang(Indonesia) 
「How to stay motivated to reach your goals」
11.Dede Suryana(Indonesia) 
「Success does not come down from the sky」
12.Lu Ruoyu 
 「We don't realize that happiness is always beside you」
13.Muhammad Hafiz Al Fathoni(Indonesia) 
「Why I am in Japan. ~I was a “HIKIKOMORI ( a hermit)” in Indonesia~」
14.Gunawardana Ratnayake Hasini Dilrangi (Sri Lanka)
「We must be grateful for our life.」